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Asked the Minister for Sport, Gerry Sutcliffe In March 2008, the Gambling Commission to identify what further research could be done to understand the impact of high-stakes slot machines grand prize of compulsive gamblers .

The work program agreed in the short term will include qualitative research looks at the characteristics of slot machines. A panel of experts will also assist the Commission in developing a research program in the long term . This research will focus on the regulation of gambling machine and minimize damage. A report was submitted to the Minister of Progress at the end of June 2009.

Strategy Council ( responsible for the game ) to determine whether the research priorities in the longer term .

A simple exploratory exercise undertaken to improve understanding of the potential harmful effects of high stakes slot machines grand prize in problem gamblers. The research and literature in three areas were also considered :

- The causal link between the availability of high - play slot machines high price and the development of problem gambling.

- The attraction of these machines players with existing problems.

- The deterioration of gambling addiction from access to such machines.

The results of the exercise of examination table has been published - first there was general agreement in the research from the UK and other jurisdictions about how high games, slot machines high premium cause players to be the players' problems. The Commission notes, however :

- Evidence suggests that there is a correlation between slot machines and gambling addiction, and that machine gamblers are most likely to participate in national help -line phone.

- Evidence suggests that while slot machines seem to attract many players who seem to be particularly attractive to people at risk for or with a gambling problem .

- Compared to the players without problems, compulsive gamblers tend to play slot machines more often and spend more time and money on properties them.Certain machine games, like games, movies or games offers free , attract players , and therefore are associated with higher levels of gambling and gambling - related harm - .

- The study of some countries suggest that availability of slot machines have some relationship with both the level of play and with the rates of gambling problems. Especially like local access to computers to be relevant - probably because many players tend to play closer to home. - Some evidence suggests that problematic gambling behavior fluctuates over time , and many players have experienced intermittent difficulty controlling their gambling .

- There is uncertainty in the available research on the best way to minimize the damage that players are exposed to while using the slot machines .

- Research suggests that to understand why most of the players can enjoy the use of slot machines without significant profits but some serious overuse and others become addicted , we have access to the players in their habitats games and data on the players. Both would require significant research and industry support .

There are several initiatives abroad that impose harm reduction measures . Much of this work is still ongoing or recent onset . This will in turn provide insight into the nature of the relationship between pathological gambling and gaming machine.

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