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Is it possible to improve your odds of winning the Lottery


Is it possible to improve your odds of winning the Lottery?

Who amongst us doesn’t dream of winning a big Lottery prize? It’s a debate that takes place at water coolers, in pubs, clubs and restaurants and even around the family dining table - ‘what would we do if we won the Lottery?’ It may seem a fanciful dream, but the hard fact is that someone has to win. So is it possible to increase your odds of winning?

Can anyone win?

The first and most obvious rule is, of course, that you have to be in it to win it, so if you

haven’t been buying your weekly ticket, then now is the time to get cracking and choose your numbers. According to a recent article in the Telegraph the chances of picking the correct six numbers in the UK National Lottery are a staggering 1 in 13,983,316. However, the odds of winning a prize for matching three numbers is a much more reasonable 1 in 57, and with the payout for three numbers having risen from £10 to £25, this means all players stand a good chance of at least a minor win.

When you play the lottery, you need to remember that the numbers drawn are completely random: theoretically any numbers could be drawn, giving every player an equal chance of winning. Problems arise when many people choose the same numbers, which is a far more common occurrence than one might expect. Birthdays and special dates remain particular favourites with lottery players, meaning that the numbers 1 to 31 feature particularly highly in most people’s number choices.

Avoid patterns.

Experts agree that you should avoid choosing numbers that adhere to a specific pattern, such as creating a diagonal or straight line across the selection ticket. Also avoid blocks of numbers, such as picking the numbers 1 to 7, as many people do this, meaning any prize money would be diluted.

A quick search online will allow you to see the most popular numbers to have been picked and the least popular numbers. Some people use complicated mathematical equations to calculate the odds of a particular string of numbers being chosen, but since none of these people report a major win, the jury is out on their effectiveness. For example you can find an overall analysis of the most and least frequent numbers drawn since the EuroMillions began by visiting the following page:

Cast your net wider.

One way of increasing your odds of winning is to increase the number of lotteries you enter. Thanks to the power of the internet and the many reputable lottery retailers now available, you have the chance to purchase lottery tickets from around the world. Real time screens show the prize funds for an array of lotteries, meaning you can select the ones that appeal to you and even purchase your tickets online.

Just remember to be wary of scam emails informing you of a major international win and demanding cash up front to claim your prize. No reputable company would demand payment in this way and you will never again see your money, or your winnings!

Image attributed to FreeDigitalPhotos.net Stuart Miles

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